Scorpio is one of the favorite tattoo designs many people would love to have in one or some more parts of their body. It may give the ‘cool’ or ‘scary’ look; bringing masculine image for the owner. Nevertheless, it can also be magnificently beautiful and not so close to that image.

3D Gorgeous Scorpio Tattoo Ideas

Styled in 3D is one of the Gorgeous Scorpio Tattoo Ideas you can take as preference; especially for you who like something bold and real. Scorpion in 3D style makes as if there is a real scorpion on your body.

Instead of having sole 3D scorpion tattoo, you can combine this animal symbolizing pain with other pictures. For instance is the picture of scorpion which surrounds a sword or even the one which is, as if, biting something.

Scorpio Tattoo for Women

Is there any woman who is interested to take scorpion as their tattoo idea? The answer is surely yes. If you look at Gorgeous Scorpio Tattoo Ideas available in the internet, you will find several styles of scorpions which are appropriate for the women; at least, they are not as creepy as a single scorpion.

The combination of scorpion and red rose is one of the favorite scorpion tattoo ideas for women. In addition, you can also add other color instead of only having the black one to reduce the spine-chilling atmosphere.

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