Gorgeous Daisy Tattoo Designs

Why Daisy Tattoo

Daisy is the kind of flower that will instantly remind you of innocent, purity, and modesty. Maybe that is why many women are really fond of this tattoo design. Compared to men, women actually prefer to get little detail of tattoos on several parts of their bodies that are quite hidden. And we think that daisy tattoo designs would be perfect for them. Because again, it does not matter how big your tattoo is, the most important thing of it all is the meaning behind the tattoo design itself.

Little Daisy Tattoo for Women

Daisy tattoo designs are something women really appreciate because the designs are really simple and the details are really gorgeous. You could get the full design of the plant itself or the top view of the flower. Most people choose to get the later design because it will give you the details of the petals and the center which are the most beautiful parts of a flower. Daisy would definitely be a perfect choice of design if you want to have a beautiful and meaningful personal tattoo. If you get it in a small size, it could certainly go unnoticed and does not cause trouble.

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