Tribal band tattoos designs has been a very popular choice of tattoo design in the last century. It is unique, vary in design, somewhat mystical, and enhancing the look of the wearer. However, there is not much that we know regarding to the meaning of each design.

Origin of the Tribe

The tribal band tattoos designs mostly originating from the Mayan, Polynesian, or Hawaiian Tribe. Those designs bear different meanings and significances. Some of the tribal designs were made to show the social status, achievements, or identity. Some also used as a sign of adulthood. These designs are not randomly made, each of the stroke has its own meaning.

Today’s Tribal Tattoo

Today’s tribal tattoo somehow uses the old time tribal tattoos’ basic and develops them into various designs. The tribal band tattoos can be looked simple and monotone but also can be so complicated and detailed. It is all depends on the creativity of the tattoo artist. A complicated design of tribal band tattoo can be more fascinating to the eye of the beholder. Placed a tribal band tattoo on the wrist or upper arm will draw attention to those parts. Putting it on the neck can also be another option. Some people place the tattoo on the thigh or legs.

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