Geisha Tattoos Designs

Geisha’s Misinterpretation

Geisha is a strong with the Japanese cultural elements. However, it has been known and became popular throughout the world. Sadly, Geisha is often misinterpreted as women of the night or prostitutes. Based on this misinterpretation, many people have the wrong geisha tattoos designs on their bodies. They portray Geisha as sexy and seducing lady. While in fact, Geisha is more than that. They are very powerful women who have the intelligence to make men want them. They also have beautiful physical appearance and the fatal attraction. These women were actually trained to have the ability as entertainer for the men. Entertain here is in the larger scales, not only in bed. They can sing, they can dance, they are a great companion, a great listener, they are elegant, beautiful and can dress themselves beautifully. That is why they are often used for political purposes and other hidden purposes.

Geisha Tattoo Design

To make you geisha tattoo impressive and has the ability to tell a geisha as who she really is, then you need to go large. You need to create as many details as possible. Make them beautiful with an aura of mystery. You can also make their appearance more colorful by using vivid colors.

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