It is sure that for many people, tattoo is not just kind of personal expression as well as creativity. Many people also have personal relation with the tattoo they make and there is no doubt that people will make tattoo which has important meaning for them. All skin area in the body can be chosen for painting the tattoo but recently many tattoo lovers choose making full sleeve tattoo. Various Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs can be taken as idea for making the best full sleeve tattoo.

Skull and Flame

Tattoo with skull image must be kind of the most popular tattoo design which is used a lot by many tattoo lovers. The design of skull is varied and people will find great result of fire skull design which is applied fully on their sleeve. This is perfect option of tattoo for them who has interest with racing or hot rods. It will be great for them who want to live life to the fullest.


Dragon becomes the part of myth which represents strength and exotic aspect. Dragon tattoo will make impressive look on the sleeve because it can be applied fully on the sleeve. People can choose the western dragon with medieval times look or the Chinese dragon which is more traditional yet beautiful.

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