What will pop up from your mind whenever you hear “Arab”? Desert, oasis, palm tree, people with scarf or camel? All of them might be the answers. Arab is not only about that, moreover if we’re talking about art. Arabic letters are the art itself. Do you care to know more about the exoticism of Arabic art further? Take a note on following Arabic tattoo design and feel it real right away. It’s suitable for men and women.

No one argues about how beautiful Arabian Calligraphy is, even when you don’t know the meaning at all. Some people said Arabian calligraphy expresses the meaning from its beauty. We can agree on that. The flow, the thickness consistency and the lines are what people dying for. You can carve Arabic calligraphy tattoo on your skin with unusual flow. Try to make a tattoo framing your back curve to see how charming the result is. There is no better color than black for Arabian calligraphy. If you can deliver something from it will be much better.

Beside its calligraphy, Arabic patterns are also really popular. You can see it from the cloth, fabric or women hands art. Married women in Arab often carve beautiful Arabic pattern on their hands or feet using plant made ink. You don’t have to be married if you want to have it for art purpose. The beauty of Arabic pattern flowing on your skin enhances your sexy charm.

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