Feather Tattoos ideas

Feather has a strong historical and cultural symbolism. From the aesthetic point of view, feather has been used as accessories components such as earring, necklace, hair accessories, and many more.

In Indian culture, feathers are used in hat, necklace, bracelet, and even their weapons. The feather itself is naturally light which symbolizes freedom and enlightenment. It also symbolizes balance, as historically people try to discover something to make their arrow steady and precisely hit the target and they use feather as the way out.

For tattoo ideas, there are many feather tattoo designs that you can get in the internet. It also can be used creatively, as in reality feathers are used for jewelry and accessories; you actually can make your tattoo also act like jewelry.

For example, if you want to make more realistic feather tattoo designs, place it in your wrist, with the feather looks like hanging while there is also a wire to hold it. You can even place it anywhere you like to add artistic value to your body.

As for men, you could simply use the design that really shows the strength image of the feather itself, for example when you add eagle or hawk with the feather. Or even if you try to make it like jewelry, you could simply take an example of jewelry made for men.

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