Fake Tattoo Ideas

Some people may be craving for having real tattoos. Unfortunately, they may not have enough brevity or allowance to get it crafted in their body parts due to several reasons. For those who cannot or dislike real tattoo but exciting to try, Fake Tattoo Ideas can be good solution.

Fake Tattoo for Kids

Fake tattoo is often used by the kids, although many adults are also interested to give a try in this kind of tattoo. For these cute kids, various tattoo options are widely available with attractive and colorful ideas. You can get fake wristwatch tattoo, cute dolls, anime characters, animals, car, and many more.

Trying to Make Fake Tattoo

You can create fake tattoo on your own. Use ink or gel-ink pens to try this self-made fake tattoo. The first thing to do is imagining or looking for the best Fake Tattoo Ideas that you like.

Then, draw the design in parchment or tracing paper by using pencil and color it with the gel pen. After that, find small cloth and put it onto warm water. Put the paper on the location where you are going to place the tattoo and press it with the cloth. Your fake tattoo is ready to show off.

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