Tattoos are not only limited to drawings and symbols. Tattoo in fact is one way to express one’s feeling, identity, or idealism. Writing love quotes on the skin will be another way to show how romantic you can be. Be it short sentence or even a long full poem, you may want to consider some of these ideas.

Love letter on the skin

Keeping a love letter in a treasure box is somewhat romantic, but keeping love letter on your skin is undoubtedly having a far greater effect. It is everlasting and timeless. Choose one of the most unforgettable love letters you ever gotten before, and start asking the professional to inking it down to the surface of your skin. You may want to decorate the quotes with floral border or an old style parchment. Once the love letter had been written on your skin, you will never forget that best moment of your life.

Short Quotes of Love

Short love quotes tattoos can be placed almost everywhere on your skin. You can even place it on your finger or wrist. You can also decide what style you would like to use. You can simply have it written in a regular style from left to right, or you want to go unorthodox by writing it in a circular style that will make it look like a bracelet. Adding some decoration like banner or ribbon can also enhance the look of your love quotes tattoos.

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