Elegant Concepts of Heaven Tattoo

Tattoo can be made from various categories, and one category which is mostly chosen by the lovers of tattoo is religious tattoo. Religious tattoo is not only about the symbol of certain faith, but it can be a manifestation of future life such as heaven. This is the reason why heaven tattoo is very popular today.

Various Choices of Heaven Tattoo

Since nobody alive has ever seen heaven, so the symbol of heaven cannot be identified. People have their own fantasy what it is look like. The concept which is mostly used to represent the symbol of heaven is the stairs. There is some stairs upward heading to something and above the stairs we can see light pouring down the stair. Best tattoo design to represent heaven is creating a big hole like a mirror when in its middle there are some stairs and rainbow is shining upon the stairs. This tattoo can be made on your upper arm since it only needs a few spaces.

Another concept of heaven tattoo is a gate. You can create a very high fence which is decorated in some details of art. Then, there is a path and place that can be seen from the gate itself. This tattoo design only can be made in your back because it requires wide space to paint the tattoo and the detail.

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