Dreamcatcher Tattoos Ideas

Dreamcatcher basically was a tradition from Native American. The idea of dreamcatcher was to protect someone from bad dreams when they are sleeping. There aren’t many people who believe in that kind of thing in these days. However people sure do know that dreamcatcher design is one great art. For that kind of reasons, people tend to see dreamcatcher design as beautiful art rather than superstitious thing. Some people even use Dreamcatcher tattoos ideas. Well, it is fascinating, isn’t it?

So how do we know that the designs were dreamcatcher? Well, there are some characteristics which we can see clearly. The characteristics which we are talking about are beads, hoop, web and feather. Of course, they also have special meaning. Beads represent good dreams which can be trapped in one night. Hoop is the representation of circle of life. Feather can be seen as the representation of nice and fresh air. Web is the representation of the catcher of bad dreams so they won’t enter our head.

Well, whether it is true or not that dreamcatcher can protect us from bad dreams, we can’t scientifically prove it. However we can tell that dreamctcher tattoos ideas are beautiful art. So do you want to add some dreamcatcher tattoos design on your back because you are really a believer or you just love it for artistic value?

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