Diamond tattoo designs

Diamond, whose has ever seen it by picture or film? Diamond is a precious gem that has valuable than gold. That becomes an inspiration to tattoo artist while they draw a diamond tattoo designs. Through history diamond this jewel used for sign of prosperity or for one of style. This precious gem has decked in all type tiara and ancient tiara. In Greek word, Diamond itself represents “unbeatable” that cause this gems can’t be destroyed.

Tattoo itself have many interpretation same as diamond tattoo, which relation of these two things have a same concept. One of the concepts is diamond in the rough. By tattoo artist this concept will make an interpretation “inner beauty” which tells owner of tattoo has same value like a diamond. Another concept is power. By have diamond tattoo designs the owner hopes they have a diamond power, priceless and invincible.

Sometimes people mix the diamond tattoo with other design tattoo. One of them diamond with flower tattoo, this tattoo has representation the hope of owner which his love can’t be destroys by anything else. Combination diamond with crown tattoo will make a meaning, the owner hopes there will be long lasting power upon them when they used this combination.

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