Dad Tattoo Designs

Tattoo for a common people tattoo identical to the hoodlum society. Which they have a brutal and anarchist behavior toward other people. But, this opinion is being dispute by people who use tattoo as the media to express their feeling that can seen in dad tattoo. Dad tattoo represented the owner of the tattoo that they have a particular bond with their father, more complex or unique this tattoo express their bond has really special. Usually simple dad tattoo designs for women use a word pop’s lil girl or papa lil angel and for men they would use daddy, pops, papa, etc. There also design of this tattoo which can be; picture, word, heart, wing, same tattoo as father have, or father representation (gun or father’s mostly like things).

People has other reason for use dad tattoo, one of them is to become a representation of their memory with their father. Mostly they who make the tattoo based this reason have a dramatic event that make them lost their father and to remember him, they make it to a dad tattoo designs. So by use this tattoo the owner have a hopes, their father will also protect them whenever they go.

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