Cool Eyebrow Piercing

People usually will keep their face free from injury because they want to make sure that they have the best appearance with their face. However, there are many people who choose to injure some parts of their face in purpose. They have to injure it because they want to place piercing which can help them improve their confidence as well as appearance. There are various options of piercing which can be applied on face including eyebrow piercing.

This piercing will be placed anywhere along the brow line. The most common application of the piercing on eyebrow is vertical but there are some people who choose to make it horizontal. It should be pierced deeply because there is habit that the brow piercing will be migrating. It can also be migrating if the jewelry is too heavy or thin. Before applying the piercing, it is better to remove the hair closest to the jewelry entry points.

People of course want to get the best result of piercing which is placed on their eyebrow and there is some jewelry which is recommended especially for the starter in piercing. People can choose the mini curved barbell but they can also look great with 16-22 gauge captive bead rings and this is the most popular jewelry to be pierced on eyebrow.

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