Cool Bridge Piercing

The piercing is actually usual thing in the certain cultures in the eastern country, but this thing only done by the woman. Several decades ago, in the western culture, piercing is taboo thing for woman. The piercing process is so painful, hence no woman wants to have it. But, recently, almost all the women wants piercing. They also do it not only in the usual part of the ears. Now, there many parts of body which is pierced.

Actually, there are several parts of body which are too dangerous for piercing. But there are many people take a risk for doing that. Actually the safe part of body for piercing is the ears. But for the sake of fashion, people do the piercing on many part of their body. One of the unusual part is on the bridge, this is the part of the nose on the upper side. It is between the eyes.

The painful process of bridge piercing

Many people have e bridge piercing. But actually, this piercing is very painful. If you do this kind of piercing, you will get little headache continually. And after piercing process, you fill find your blood flows on your nose. So, the bridge piercing is painful and full of the risk.

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