You will need something unique for your first tattoo. Since it will be the first one, you will need to decide the design carefully. The first one can limit your next tattoo design.  You will also need to think about the safe place to place the tattoo. Putting the tattoo on your face will mean that you will not able to hide it when the trend is changed. Any failed tattoo can be erased. But it may cost you more for the best result.

Yin Yang Stuff

For meaningful tattoo that you can be proud of, the old symbolism may work for you. Each will have different meaning. The Yin Yang Tattoos represent balance or the polarity of all things. The plain black ink tattoo will be sufficient to make the job done. It is important not to set the tattoo as another South Korean symbol for political free point.

Additional Words Along with the Tattoo

It will be optional to put any Chinese or Korean words along with the yin yang symbol. You need to ensure that the word is written accurately. Any wrong writing will be another personal humiliation.  If you still have the doubt, it will be safe to let it be without any Chinese or Korean writing applied.



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