Tattoo used to have a negative connotation. A mark for outcasts, rebels, even criminals. But in the society nowadays, tattoo is no longer considered as such. Now, even the so called “normal”  people are getting tattoos. There are many reasons as to why, to remember someone special, simply following trends.

Joker Tattoo Designs

There are many designs of joker tattoo, but the most popular nowadays is the portrayal of the Joker, the so called Clown Prince of Crime from Batman series. Joker tattoos from the Dark Knight Rises is regaining popularity. There are several reasons for that. One of the reasons is as to show appreciation for the late Heath Ledger, the actor who played as Joker in Batman the Dark Knight. Other reason is that joker tattoo is not all that common and it is easy to be customized. You can make it as detailed and as real-looking as possible, or you can make it as cartoon. Not to mention the tattoo can also portray the Joker in different emotions, which will make the joker tattoos differ.

The Meaning

Joker tattoo can represent many things. In general, joker represents someone mishievous, funny and playful, though they also tend to having fun at other people’s expense. While the Joker in Batman series can also symbolize evil and scandalous.

Just saying, but shouldn’t it be Dark Knight? The second movie of Batman?

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