Tattooing the elbow is known to be the most painful process compared to other part of the body. One may have to be prepared to bite the lips to help get through all the pain. Not only the making process that is really painful, the healing process also takes longer.  This can go as far as affecting one’s ability to do daily activities and is most likely limiting the works that one could normally did before.

Painful Dedication

For tattoo lovers, having the elbow tattoo is the ultimate dedication to the art itself. By going through all the painful process, tattoo lovers will feel some satisfaction. Thus, with such risk bore by elbow tattoo, you may want to carefully choose the design that will bring the best effect. Since elbow is a jointed part of our bones, it always on the move. Certain elbow tattoos design might actually look as though they have actually come to life.

Animate everything

A cool spider web design can be a good choice. Add small bugs like the spider itself, or dragonfly in the center of the web and watch it moves and crawls whenever you move your elbow. This style however, used to be the favorite elbow tattoos design of the gangsters but nowadays it is rather accepted by common people. Another design that will be animated when applied to the elbow is the lips. The movements of the elbow will prompt the mouth to move as if they close and open. Facial expression or eyes can also be another interesting option. They can seem to change expression as you move your elbow.

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