Cherry blossom or known as sakura flower in Japan bears a very feminine meaning and impression. The flower itself is a symbol of beauty and the fragile life. The pinkish white small flowers only last for a few weeks after its prime. Inking the beauty of the flower can be a good idea for ladies who want to feel more feminine.

Decide the right place

There are some of Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo designs ideas that can be applied if you are interested in making one. However the first thing to do is to decide where you want to apply the tattoo and how big it would be. For beginners, you might want to make a small one. A small Japanese cherry blossom tattoo can be placed on the shoulder or the waist. A small tattoo might consist of a small branch of Japanese Cherry blossom with 3 or 5 small flowers. It will look really pretty for those who want to feel more feminine.

Cherry Tree on Your Skin

For more daring ladies, you can stamp the beauty of Cherry Blossom tree on your skin. Choose part of your skin that has wider surface. You can choose the side of your body or the back. A tall cherry tree with some of the flowers fluttering as if the wind had blown it from the tree will give an exotic accent. You will feel somehow sexier and even more feminine. You can also add some Japanese kanji character or even Haiku (Japanese short poem).

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