Celtic Tattoo Designs

Some people put tattoo on their body just because it looks nice and beautiful. Well, that is nothing wrong with it. However we do know that some tattoo might have some additional values. Celtic tattoo designs are some of them. There are so many symbols which can be categorized as Celtic symbols. But for the beginning let’s talk about the history of Celtic tattoo. In the ancient times, Celtic tattoo is a symbol which is given to the Celtic warriors.

Well, there are so many symbols in the Celtic. When it comes to Celtic tattoo designs, there are some of the symbols which quite famous such as threefold, crosses, three rays, triquetra, triple and double spirals. Each of them has its own meaning. Triquetra is believed the symbol of nature and cosmos. Three rays is a symbol of harmony like yin and yang. Crosses is believed the symbol of heaven and earth. People also say that crosses can be seen as the circle of life and death.

Well, there are so many others symbols and its own meaning. Now we know what its meaning. Of course, some people may not care about the meaning. However whether we are believing in the meaning or not, tattoo is still one great body painting art.

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