Japanese Tattoos known for its extravagant yet enigmatic design. It can be a real massive painting that you might spot in an art exhibition. The rich cultural and historical background, not to mention the allusions to the symbolic meanings that the images convey, Japanese tattoo design are one of the popular inspiration for tattoo lovers, One of the most favorite design is the Japanese Dragon Tattoo design.

Symbol of Power

Dragons are huge, powerful and fierce magical creature known in every culture. In Japan, dragon is considered one of the deities that protect their land. Because of its immense cultural significance, dragons become one of the all time favorite tattoo designs. For women, the dragon tattoo represents the power of woman as a life creator. For man, the tattoo symbolizes the raw power.

Design Ideas

Dragons are massive, colorful and fluid. It can be flexibly drawn in any part of your body. The fantastic colors and majestic details will give you a sense of power. You can have it drawn on the back of your body and swirl to the side of your body. To some extent, you can also add Japanese Kanji character that supports the meaning you are trying to convey.  The fluid movement of the dragon will create a mystical and beautiful piece of art.

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