Carving a tattoo depicting soldier seems so normal for men to do. A depiction of lone soldier holding weapon is considerably boring as many people carve the same way as well. The problem is you can’t resist your affection towards soldier. Be it you are man or woman, soldier tattoo actually can be very attractive and lovely at the same time, only if you know what to do about that. Here are some tips on unusual soldier ideas. Watch out, following ideas can be too adorable for you.

The answer is maybe not really in real life or in typical tattoo. Soldier often expressed as a scary and manly man with perfect posture standing tall. Carving this typical depiction of soldier can enhance you manly image, but at the same time possibly lose your playful and outgoing impression. Cute soldier doesn’t mean to make you look cute like a little girl. The idea comes from an old animation of soldier in ancient video game. You just need to have you skin carved with tiny soldiers (either holding weapon or not) marching to one direction. The image resulted is combination of playful, mainly and creative.

Instead of solely wanting an image, some people try to deliver deep message through soldier tattoo. A soldier carrying his comrade’s body tattoo expresses how you cherish friendship value. You can also depict a soldier’s certain and unusual activity, like a soldier guiding an old woman crossing the streets. You are successful enough to deliver different side of soldier image.

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