Many years ago, maybe many people have kind of thought that tattoo must be has close association with crime or jail. Tattoo is seen as scary thing although people can also see that tattoo also becomes kind of traditional symbol in many cultures. Nowadays, there is kind of different thought about tattoo and many people today sees tattoo as expression of creativity as well as personality. It is sure that people can find various tattoos in picture form although of course many people also make word tattoo.

More than Word Tattoo

People will express about something with words and this can be the reason why people choose to apply tattoo with words which have special meaning on their body. However, sometimes the word tattoo does not appear as word tattoo only because people also make Scroll Tattoos which are filled with the words which are meaningful for them from “I Love You” to the passage from Bible.

Meaningful Word in Tattoo

People will not just apply any kind of word on their body. Tattoo will last forever so they have to choose it carefully so the word tattoo can have special meaning. It can be quote about certain thing such as love but it can also be kind of mantra which comes from Buddhist or Hindu text.

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