Rose has been the symbol of feminine beauty, love, passion, and sexiness. It is so intense with symbolism, the thorny stem, the fascinating fragrance, and the various colors that it has, rose is definitely one of the perfect choice for a tattoo. Rose has been for centuries bear the title of the Queen of Flower due to its mysterious yet captivating beauty.

Choose the right design

If you considering choosing a rose design, first of all, remember to find the best and the most suitable design for you. Choose those designs with great meanings. Not only would it look good but also meaningful. Decide the location of the tattoo before go on to the design. Are you going to go off and about by putting it on the open area like arms or on the back? Choose those with complicated design, with tribal design or complicated vines. or are you want to go sweet and pretty? You can choose a small tattoo and put it on the shoulder, neck, or waist. Beautiful roses tattoo ideas that can be used are only limited by the sky.

Go Unisex

Even though rose is a feminine symbol, it does not mean that men cannot use roses as their design of choice. Men can also use rose design and combine it with a more manly design such as strong vines or chains.

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