Hawaii inspires various kinds of art, including Hawaiian tattoo design. There many attractive ideas to represent on your skin which it may be difficult to choose. Hawaiian has iconic flowers that show off the identity of Hawaii. Actually, each flower in Hawaii has its own meaning, so if you are choosing a flower for your body, it is better to know about its meaning. Therefore, you will not only get its beauty but also get its meaning.


If you want to get the most iconic Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs, hibiscus flower is the best option to choose. Hibiscus is the symbol of beauty, the laid back atmosphere and nature of Hawaii. This flower is beautiful for a beautiful tattoo in your body. There are lots of variations for this teme. For a simple tattoo, a single hibiscus is nice. Or, you can also apply multiple hibiscus.


Lokelani rose is also a great option of Hawaiian flowers.  Lokelani or Maui rose is actually the iconic flower of Maui island. You can choose pink lokelani as your tattoo design for the wrist or leg. The pink color will show off your feminine. Lokelani itself means ‘heavenly rose’. A single lokelani is more beautiful than multiple lokelani on your skin.

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