Carving flower or skeleton tattoo design has been very normal nowadays. On other hand, tattoo design depicting certain culture is booming. Attaching ancient Indian symbols, Hebrew letters and even ancient Egyptian art are emerging in this market. The exoticism of ancient Egyptian letters, figures and beliefs always attracts people with their unusual charm. Instead of collecting the painting of them, why don’t you keep it deep on your skin? Here are some tips on Egyptian tattoo design you can’t resist to have it sooner.

Quote tattoo is famous for this job, however, you can make it more unique and sexier by using hieroglyph or ancient Egyptians symbolic letters. It attracts people to guess while awes them at the same time. Hieroglyph is good to stand alone separately by each letter, but to make a meaningful message by combining some letters will be more gorgeous.

If you’re enticed by the mysterious Egyptian mythology, now it’s time to revive it. Call Tutankhamen, Horus or Nefertiti to calmly stay on your skin. Egyptian famous symbols like Ankh, Solar Eye and Lotus are also meaningful yet mystic enough to arouse people’s curiosity. In the past, Egyptian people combine hieroglyph and symbols to depict some circumstances. In 2013, your Egyptian tattoo design can deliver more messages than what your words can do.

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