Today’s tattoo designing are made easier by the invention of printable tattoo stencils. Tattoo artist does not have to draw a complicated design anymore. All they have to do is just draw it on computer and print it on a special stencil paper that can be transferred to the skin.

Make your own tattoo stencils

To make your own printable tattoo stencils, you can start by drawing the design on a drawing processor like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Make sure you draw every little detail and the exact size the way you want your tattoo would be. Once you got the desirable design, you can directly print in on a transfer paper. You can get the transfer paper on a stationary supply stores. Once the tattoo design is printed, you can start to apply it any part of your body. Use Speed Stick deodorant to help the transfer paper stick. Press the design that already printed on the transfer paper onto your skin for about 30 seconds before peeling it up. Do it carefully because the transfer process might not be perfect.

Color it up

Once you got the stencil transferred on your skin, you can start to work with it. If you want to have a temporary tattoo, you can use henna to fill the stencil, but if you want to have it forever, then you can follow through the usual ink and needle procedure.

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