Having a child is the biggest happiness a parent can have. And who can blame them for wanting to express that joy? There are many ways to show how happy you are to finally be able to hold your baby. You can throw a party, celebrate with family and friends. But if you want something more permanenet, you can get a tattoo, a baby footprint tatto to be exact.

How does baby footprint tattoo look like?

The design of baby footprint tattoo is pretty simple. It is the footprint of your child, exactly the way the newborn’s footprints are on the day it is born. You can also add the name of the baby or the date of birth, or sometimes both. The most common body parts to put the tatto are foot, arm, hand and neck. People choose to wear this design to show their love for their babies, some to remember their lost child and a few as a protestation against abortion.

Only that?

While the design explained above is the most common, but baby footprint tattoos ideas are not limited to only that. There are also other designs such as several tiny footprints or progressively bigger footprints to symbolize the journey your child will take as they grow older. You can give personal additions, such as banner or message.You can also put the handprint of your baby.

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