Three dimensional tattoos are probably one of the most mind blowing pieces of art ever. It is not just simply draw the design on your skin, but also creates optical illusion that will make the drawing looks like a real 3D characters. 3D tattoo artists are considerably great artist because they are so capable in creating such optical illusion on skin.

Zip it Open

One of the most famous 3D designs is the zipper and mouth. They can be awesome 3D tattoos for men since both are look really great and real. The zipper tattoos are made as such so that it would make the skin look like it is being torn open and reveals the muscle and flesh underneath it. The mouth design is also fascinating because it looks so real and it may look like as if it is moving. Another awesome 3d tattoos for men is bugs, spider, or scorpion that looks like appear from your skin.

High Class Work of Art

Creating a 3D tattoos is not easy. One should be able to understand basic drawing with the right coloring and a good sense of shadow and highlight. They should be able to decide which side is needed to be darker or which side that needs to be lighter. The good balance of the two will resulted in an amazing work. Without the skill, they cannot create an awesome tattoo.

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