Artistic Lace Tattoo Designs

Lace from historical reviews will connect to old century practice, but in the proper lace begin in 15th and 16th centuries. That era which base of all lace we identify now days. Lace in this era created without use of backing cloth, doesn’t use pre-existing piece of material. Hence patterns create by well thread to make a delicate fabric design result. More feminine appears when use better-quality lace. By the time, now lace not just use with silk but combine with tattoo art that called lace tattoos. Especially lace tattoos for girl that is could representative their feminine. There some suggestion, why women should use lace tattoo.

Rejoicing the Femininity

For a girls and women, lace tattoos can become their express to rejoice their femininity. Placed around collar or ankles or wrists, lace tattoo made their freedom of expression. The design can also used to beautify existing tattoo that made new level of feminine to exist tattoo in body.

Girly looks

Lace tattoos for girl can mix some symbol like bows and ribbons. That made a Lace made girls looks fashionable and feminine. By women lace tattoo also can mix to corset or garters that made she looks more mature

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