Anchor Tattoo Designs

For every people who loves Tattoo, be it in the face, back, arms, and legs must convider the element of beauty and meaning of the picture image that reflects of the personality and  the character of the person. Many kinds of designs offered by the actors of making tatto, such as eyes, knife, fan, fleur de lis, grapes, flowers, stars and many more can not be separated from one’s desire that who want to make tatto his body. And anchor tattoo designs is no less famous among tattoo body lovers.

Anchor tattoo designs has a deep meaning, though it seems just a picture of one’s love for the sea and the surrounding ships. Much more than that, in the past this design is believed to be a symbol of the holy cross symbol in disguise, one of the forms of several symbols of faith. Where means have spiritual significance, emotional, and practical symbolizes faith will not give up for harassment or persecution .

In the past, this symbol is identical with the usual authority and power of the male figure which is also a symbol for protection, hope, sacrifice, and sense of responsibility as the head of family, but is now more free  can be used both men and women. From the physically the anchor is part of the stunning  natural elements, the sea.

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