Most of people whom gets their skin tattooed, want to declare about who they are and what kind of personality they have. Even the public figure has had the tattoo which can represent their personality. Dolphin tattoos design has been drawn on ALYSON HANNIGAN (Actress), JO O’MEARA (Musician), and SARAH O’HARE (Model). Those people choose a dolphin may because its funny animal, and dolphins are also have symbolized on some beliefs.

God Likely

In Ancient Greece, they beliefs that the dolphin has a responsibility for carrying the souls of every dead person to the blessed island. Sometimes on the tattoo, dolphins have correlative with Apollo (sun), it means activity, life, vibrancy. Health, intelligence. In addition, when it collaborated with Aphrodite (moon), the meaning changed to hidden power, intuition, dreams, and feminity.

The Guardians

In Celtic animal symbolism, dolphin can represent the protectors and guardians of water element. Meanwhile, in Chinese philosophy, two dolphins drawn means yin & yang symbol which can also say as the balance. There are still many more different symbols on each different countries and religions. That’s why nowadays, dolphin tattoos design becomes people’s favorite to draw on their skin. However, not all people who have a dolphin tattoo have a knowledge about the symbolism. Some of them draw it because they think dolphin is cute.

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